Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Day 40 - Sylvester to Waycross, GA

Today was a big day!! Our next to last riding day was 94 miles to Waycross and I long ago determined to make this my 7th and final century ride on the trip if riding conditions and my body permitted it. Mission accomplished! I ended up with 102 and had plenty of daylight to spare.  Though the winds were out of the north there was enough of a westerly flavor to allow me to average almost 19 mph for the ride, my second fastest century on the ride. Georgia also cooperated marvelously by being flat which helped tremendously.

It is almost unbelievable that we have just one day and 65 miles left to complete our coast to coast ride! I think tomorrow will feel like the riders in the Tour de France must feel on the last day of their month long competition with the celebratory ride down the Champs-Élysées. I know for sure we won't race but I am sure we will put forth a good effort to look strong despite tired bodies and fatigued muscles. Our Champs-Élysées? It will be the causeway that will take us from Brunswick to St. Simon's Island.

I want to remind you that I will keep up the blog for an indefinite period of time so please feel free to stay tuned in. Nancy and I, immediately after the trip, will take in the likes of Charleston, SC, Atlanta, GA, Chattanooga, TN and the sites between as we explore some of our country's historical Civil War sites.  Then in July we will be taking a cruise of our nation's largest state Alaska. There will also be short cycling rides such as the Pumpkin Vine ride in Goshen, IN in June, and the Blueberry Bicycle Cruise Labor Day weekend in Plymouth, IN and other rides I will be looking for.

Devotional Thought:

It is not a very profound observation but it is something I have been observing almost every day of the ride - GOD IS FAITHFUL AND PROVIDES!! It is hard to review all the events and circumstances that we have encountered these last six weeks and I have seen God's faithfulness and provision all over the place. God faithfully provided me with good health, a strong body to survive the rigors of a coast to coast ride, amazing protection on the road (even from wildfires, tornadoes and rain), to a great team of riders and leaders who made the trip even more enjoyable! And these are just a few of the ways God faithfully provided. I should not be surprised, however. I've been privileged and blessed to see His faithful provision for decades. What a wonderful God we have!!

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  1. I wasn't worried so much about the weather, but much more so the cars and trucks... or to be more precise, their DRIVERS! Think of how many cars and trucks passed by you guys on this trip, some within just a few feet of you. And everyone is safe. God sent his guardian angels, and they performed brilliantly!