Monday, May 9, 2011


My apologies about not updating the events from last Friday. At my last post the test results had not been reviewed and I was chomping at the bit to get out of the hospital. I am very happy to report that all tests came back negative so I have a clean bill of health! I have had no more symptoms since the initial event and the doctor thinks it was probably a random TIA (similar to a mini stroke). Since late Friday, Nan and I spent a day in Charleston and Andersonville and will be spending the day in Atlanta today. I will have more elaborate details later on. Thank you for your prayers and thoughts, not only along the bike trip but in these last few days as well. God is good!


  1. It just doesn't make sense. All those miles on the bike across America, over challenging terrain, negotiating traffic from cars and trucks, braving the elements from tornadoes to wildfires... and you almost get done in by that stupid lighthouse! LOL!!!

    Charleston is a fascinating city. I was there back in 1999 for their annual Home and Garden Festival where you can actually tour private homes and gardens. Lots of good restaurants. I went on one of those "Ghost Tours" at night which was great fun.

  2. I have so enjoyed following your trip when I could. I have seen over and over God's faithfulness. We are so thankful you are all right. You finished the race and you certainly won't miss the greatest victory banquet of all. Enjoy the rest of your trip home. Thanks for the blessing of sharing your trip. Sally Kuphal