Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Lion's Club

Today I had a chance to tell of my Coast to Coast adventure to the Lion's Club in Elkhart over lunch. My friend Jack, the same one who drove me to Indy to the airport, arranged for the engagement since he is a member. I had about 25 minutes to share and showed the obligatory slides. My story was well received and it was fun reliving the recent memories. Jack said I may be getting a call from the Optimist's Club in town to speak to them as well. I will also be sharing my story this Sunday morning at church during our Adult Bible Fellowship hour.

I continue to add miles on a daily basis on my bike. Since returning home and taking a week off from riding I have ridden over 420 miles for a total of almost 3900 miles for the year. At this pace my informal goal is to get to 6000 miles by year end. That will almost double my best total for one year and put me well over 30,000 miles ridden since 2000.

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