Sunday, June 19, 2011

Pumpkin Vine Ride

I have a wonderful organized ride to recommend for those of you who are bicyclers and live in this area. It's the Pumpkin Vine Ride, which is held every year at this time. We did it Saturday, 6/18. It's a very well organized ride that begins either in Shipshewana or Goshen and you have your choice of riding distances between 20 and 100 miles. It was well marked, the SAG stops were well supplied and the roads were quite good. My wife and I rode our tandem on the 30 mile ride through very scenic and predominately Amish countryside. We then returned to our starting spot in Shipshewana where I put the tandem away and jumped on my regular bike and added 60 more miles traveling through both Goshen and Middlebury.

In God's good mercy I continue to be free from any symptoms that put me in the hospital in Georgia on the last day of the coast to coast trip. I also met up with Bob from Goshen at the Pumpkinvine ride. He was a fellow rider on the coast to coast trip. Since returning from Georgia I've logged over 550 miles. Ironically, I have had more flat tires in the last week than I had throughout  the entire coast to coast trip. Go figure!

Next Saturday there is a ride in nearby Lakeville that is only a few years old. If I can manage my schedule, I plan to ride and see what it's like. It's called the Lion's Pride Ride and you can ride 10, 25,62 or 100 mile distances. Simply Google Lion's Pride Ride, Lakeville, IN and you can get registration information. Hope to see some of you there.

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