Friday, August 5, 2011


 I told you I would keep in touch via blog while we were enjoying an Alaskan cruise. My intentions were sincere, the cost of internet connection on the ship was not! I was also disappointed with the connectivity even on land in Alaska which for the most part was non-existent. So, even though I was disappointed with the technology, that was the only thing that I was disappointed with while being dazzled by Holland America and the unsurpassed beauty of Alaska. Rather than bore you with words I will try to capture some of the highlights with pictures.

Following is a random sampling of our Alaska trip. Even though there are quite a few pictures here, they are about 1/20th of what we took. Hope this helps you visualize a little bit of the wonderful experience we had while in this amazingly beautiful 50th state of the union.

Humpback whales

The Ptarmagin: The Alaska state bird
Dall mountain sheep
Wild moose

Red fox
The Hoary Marmot

A grizzly from a safe distance

Future Iditarod sled dogs
To many current Iditarod winners

To Salem, retired 4 time Iditarod lead dog
We visited... 

Vancouver, B.C.



and Anchorage and Fairbanks.


  1. Great pictures of our 49th state!

  2. I Love the pictures Jim!!! You definitely didn't need words to express what you saw!! The pics says it all!!! :-)