Friday, February 4, 2011


One of the things we were encouraged to bring along on our coast to coast trip was reading material. That is a good idea. I figure we should have plenty of down time to read on the trip. The downside, however, is carrying the reading material since we are limited to one 15" x 30" duffel bag into which everything goes for the entire 6 weeks. So, I found a solution that should work. I bought a Kindle ebook reader!  It is the same size as a moderately small paperback book, but it can hold up to 3500 books and a battery charge lasts almost a month! There are well over 600,000 books in digital format to choose from on and thousands of them are free, especially if you are a lover of the classics (I'm still working on that). Even for the books that are not free, they are usually anywhere from 10-90% cheaper than their hardbound sibling. Its amazing screen allows you to read it in broad daylight without glare and the font size is changeable to suit your eyesight. So far I am very impressed even though I will not be using it extensively until I leave for the ride ( I am still plowing through several books of the hard-copy variety until then). I recommend the Kindle for yourself or as a nifty gift for the avid reader in your circle of friends. You can buy it at

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