Thursday, March 31, 2011

Day 6 - Pictures - Blythe, CA. to Salome, AZ

Imperial Dunes between Brawley and Palo Verde
More Imperial Dunes
Jenny's bike with all her gear. Not the way I want to travel.
Wheels lunch site in the desert
Our "adopted" rider Jenny, who was traveling the same direction
Dinner at the campground in Palo Verde
My home for two nights in a row
Our version of tent city
As we enter Arizona
Typical view of the Arizona landscape
We started seeing the majestic cacti in Arizona
The grammatically incorrect sign as you leave the town of Hope, AZ
More Cacti
Indian writings on the upper left quarter of this stone (difficult to see)
A number of cactus varieties at the entry to the school in Salome
My own variety of cactus!


  1. Interested to sea that your now beyond Hope. Does that sign bother anyone else? I heard that there considering making English the official language of the grate state of Arizona.
    I wouldn't want to sit on that last 'cactus' that your sitting on everyday.
    Enjoying the pictures and the daily updates.

  2. The tall cacti you are seeing is the Saguaro (pronounced with a w). It takes 50 years for them to develop one of the side "arms" and they will live up to 150 years.

  3. That is a vicious-looking bicycle seat. Does it have a brand name? I'm guessing "The Prostate Crusher."

  4. Great pictures, Jim! Beautiful view from your tent - almost like home, right?! Jeff, I thought the same thing, ugh! LOL at your comment.

  5. You'd think if they went to that much trouble to make the sign, they would proofread it! I see this from third graders every day, but adults? Come on! Enjoying your blog and have passed it on to Jie Li and my Sunday school class.