Sunday, March 27, 2011

Day 2 - Pictures - Escondido to Julian

Sunday Morning in Escondido Before the Ride

Escondido To Julian

Nice riding shoulders

Pie in Julian, a Wheels Tradition

Escondido to Julian


  1. You can click twice on the pictures Jim posts. That's how I figured out which one he is in the group picture from Saturday. He is in the back row 7th from the left in the dark helmet.

  2. If you say so, Nan!
    Jim, no picture of the pie???
    Enjoy hearing about your riding partners; I will try not to complain about my comparatively minor challenges tomorrow!

  3. Nice pictures, Jim! I'm fascinated with how the terrain changes across the country.

    The Honduras team had a huge pancake and bacon breakfast at church yesterday right after the first service... there was quite a long line to get served.

  4. Couldn't resist this...

    What, no picture of the road kill???