Sunday, March 6, 2011

Duffel bag living

Besides the challenge of getting conditioned for a 2600 mile cross country ride is the challenge of figuring out how much gear you will need for 6 weeks of cycling and how much you will even be allowed to take. Wandering Wheels has been taking riders across America since 1967 and so they have a real good idea of how much a rider "really" needs. Besides taking a tent for a few nights of camping we were issued a stuff bag to put our bedroll items in and a 15' x 30" duffel bag to put everything else in. Everything we take for the ride will have to fit in both of those bags! Well, those bags came in the mail yesterday and I am happy to report that everything I was wanting to take will easily fit. Of course, I have learned over many years of riding how to travel light and what the essentials are. That's part of the appeal this trip has for me. I like the idea of traveling light and not cluttering my life with non-essentials. There are so many parallels I keep noticing between this trip and the Christian life. I am sure God will keep on revealing even more parallels once the trip actually starts. I am pumped!!

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