Thursday, March 31, 2011

Day 6 - Blythe, CA. to Salome, AZ

57.5 miles today in 95 degree weather. We crossed into Arizona for the first time. We will be in Arizona until Apr. 6th. I have been having some minor issues with my bike that our mechanic thought might be due to a parts recall on one of the components related to the crankset. It turned out not be a recall issue and the manufacturer advised us how to repair the problem. We are good to go, Lord willing, for the rest of the trip. We began seeing majestic cacti when we passed into Arizona, but still the same arid, rather desolate landscape we have grown accustomed to for the last several days.

I keep forgetting to say this but remember the lost man near Julian that the sheriff's search and rescue patrol was looking for? He was found alive according to the report from the later riders through that area. So happily it had a good ending.

We spent about one-third of our day on US 10, which is interstate. Usually bikers are not allowed on interstates, but when it is the only road available to get to our destination they apparently make exceptions. There was a nice wide shoulder and so there were no problems even though semis have a tendency to suck you into their lane at the same time. You have to be alert. We are spending the night at Salome Elementary School in their air conditioned gym - a real treat.

We passed through Quartzsite this afternoon which is the home of our 81 year old rider, Bob. As we rode into town, we received a standing ovation from about 30 people waiting for Bob to appear. He could have easily been the mayor for the day with all the attention  (well deserved) he got today.

Don't forget to keep checking the "map"  to see our progress and the pictures I am posting separately under its own post.

I also understand from Myron that people from Circleville, OH are watching this blog. Welcome! Trust you find some interesting things worth following along on here.

Devotional Thought:
As I rode along today I was struck by how "Pilgrim's Progress -esque" this ride is. Pilgrim had many obstacles and hindrances along his journey. I thought of all the things that we deal with almost daily on our coast to coast trip that jeopardize our success: poor weather, winds, traffic, losing our way, sickness, injury, aches and pains, fatigue, breakdowns, careless and angry drivers and loss of motivation, to mention a few. Just like Pilgrim, we have to be ready for these inevitable events and to trust Someone greater than ourselves in our weakness and inability to control our circumstances. What a privilege to call out to our God when we are in distress or at the end of our rope! As Romans reminds us, Jesus is as near as our own heart.

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