Thursday, March 17, 2011

First Phase in the Books

Wandering Wheels founder and director, Coach Bob Davenport.

Well, I managed to get everything I am taking on the trip into a 15" x 30" duffel bag and sleeping bag stuff sack! These bags are what I will live out of for six weeks beginning March 25th. Nan and I drove down to Upland, IN today just north of the Taylor University campus (my alma mater) and dropped my bike and gear off where it will be driven out to the west coast in a large box truck. From the pictures that Nan took you can get a little glimpse of the ministry that is called Wandering Wheels. Most interesting is the picture of the elderly gentleman. That is Bob Davenport, founder and director of Wandering Wheels. He has been across America 43 times on a bike and will be riding half-way on this their last cross country trip! He is an amazing man. I am sure I will have more stories in the days to come. Stay tuned.

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