Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Day 11 - Globe to Safford, AZ

Today was a 77 mile day. We had a nice 10 mile downhill at the start of the morning but it warmed up and got somewhat rolling along with what appears to be perpetual headwinds each day. To help mix things up, I changed my saddle to give my tail a new experience. It lasted for a little while so I am trying to determine what my next move will be. I do know that my next move will be to remove the fanny pack that I've worn since the beginning of the trip. That starts weighing quite a bit after a while and makes it harder to stay in the saddle. I had another flat today, this time the front wheel.- a little piece of wire. It took me off the road about 20 minutes to change it with help from Gary and Jim. I have one good tube left and will have to patch the two tubes that flatted.

We have a 5:30 am start tomorrow and another 77 mile day so I am going to sign off a little earlier than usual. Thanks for your prayers and for following the blog. This is truly a life changing experience!

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  1. Guess I'll be praying for more 77 mile days and strong headwinds if that keeps your daily blog shorter! ha ha! seriously, it's fun keeping up with what's going-on! Glad you're enjoying your time and will keep praying for safety and refreshment. Nothing major here other than 2 small fires & one flood but at least the bldg is still standing. Could have 2-3 phone interviews in next few weeks. God's apparently been busy & I'm trying to play catch-up. Take care & enjoy the ride! Troy Rife