Monday, April 25, 2011

Day 31 - Monroe, LA to Vicksburg, MS

Well, they've already turned lights out for the night and it's only 8:00 CST! So I'll make this brief. You didn't hear from me yesterday because we had a day off. Trust everyone had a wonderful Resurrection Sunday! Today was an 85 mile day in the lower 80s with winds out of the south at 15-25 mph. The crosswinds were somewhat neutralized due to the mostly tree lined roads we were on. Where we had no trees the winds were nasty. Today's excitement came in crossing the mighty Mississippi River. Wheels had been negotiating for months with the bridge commissioner to allow us to use a restricted bridge that runs beside the usual bridge the interstate uses. It would have been real testy to be on the same bridge the interstate traffic uses. We were granted permission and the ride across was great. Despite the 84 miles today everyone looked to survive the mileage in good shape. We now have only 10 days of riding left and about 600 miles. My odometer is parked on 1899 miles for the trip so far. That's it for tonight. On to Pelahatchie tomorrow and a possible visit with friends who live very close to our route. Take care, talk to you tomorrow.

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  1. Can't believe you are already in Miss. Enjoying the pictures and glad to hear it's still going well. Lots of rain in Indiana. Enough already!