Friday, April 15, 2011

Day 21 - Gale to Roby, TX

Today was a 65 mile day but we were buffeted by cool temps and 25-50 mph crosswinds that made the day a real challenge. We really had to hold on to our handlebars or the gusts would threaten to put us on the pavement or in the ditch. Occasional red clouds of dirt added to the adventure along with the constant smell of smoke from the many grass fires in the area. At one point I was told by a resident that authorities were thinking about evacuating the town we are staying in tonight. But we arrived safely and the potential of evacuation seems to have waned.

I have a few pictures of Sean's accident. Unfortunately, his coast to coast trip is over. X-rays revealed a cracked sternum and several broken ribs. He also had some calcium deposits that broke off from his spine and may require surgery. If you look at the picture you can see his bike after his fall. I am sure he would appreciate your prayers while he heals from his injuries.

Here are a few odds and ends that may be of interest to you:
  • We stayed in a Methodist church a few nights ago that whenever anyone entered the church the door chime would play "The Yellow Rose of Texas". You cannot imagine how many times we heart that song in the 12 hours we stayed there. What was especially ironic was that the church was not in Texas BUT NEW MEXICO! Office ladies, why don't you come up with a song our intercom can play when people come in our church doors?
  • I have a picture of a "century cactus". The couple that garaged our bikes in Gale had this cactus in their front yard. It lives about 25 years, only blooms once but has hundreds of blooms when it blooms and then dies. It reaches a height of 15-20 feet and grew more than 11 inches in the last 24 hours. The gal also baked 6 pecan pies for us that we took on the road and enjoyed for supper tonight.
  • Bob from Lubbock is a Wheels alumni rider who came down to visit with the gang yesterday. Bob is no ordinary rider!  He holds the record for being the oldest man to ride coast to coast. He did it with Wheels two years ago at the age of 84! I'm such a pup.
  • In the road kill category, we have seen many coyotes along side the road, several deer, a calf and even a bobcat. Now that we're in Texas we'll start seeing armadillos. They are the southern version of our opossum.  What I've been surprised about most is the number of dead skunks we run across. They easily outnumber any other animal so far. Fortunately, they are usually so long gone they no longer stink.
Devotional Thought:

Howard Sugden, long deceased pastor of a large Baptist church in Lansing once made this statement: "God does not always promise to deliver us from the storm, but He will deliver us through the storm." Tomorrow's schedule calls for a 96 mile ride and the weather calls for headwinds all the way. That's the storm! We have no choice but to ride in it. But I've watched God give us His strength and grace even in the midst of the storm. I don't know how it's going to shape up tomorrow, but I do know that God will  have a blessing in the midst of the struggle. I encourage you to look for God's deliverance in the midst of your storm.

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