Friday, April 29, 2011

Day 35 - Linden to Greenville, AL

Today was an 88 mile day for the riders. Since it was over 85 miles I decided to ride the extra miles and get the century. Actually, the total was 103. Because of the extra miles my bike odometer has passed 2200 miles. That was my 6th century of the trip with one more possibility coming again next week. The day was a picture perfect day to be riding; low humidity, temps in the mid 70s, sunny, beautiful roads and a slight tailwind. The only negatives on the day were logging trucks and very rolling roads, but even they were tolerable.

We have now started the "week of lasts". Today was the last Friday we will ride on the trip, tomorrow the last Saturday, etc. I am looking forward to next Thursday when the trip will be over and to seeing Nan and my brother Phil in Brunswick. Tomorrow is a short day of 25-30 miles to sort of make up the fact that we do not get a day off until the trip ends. My friend Adam, who is a professor of law at Faulkner College in Montgomery, will be joining me tomorrow on the short ride to Luverne, When I met Adam he was a graduate law student at Notre Dame who attended Trinity and for a time directed our choir. Since then he married Kate and has two very beautiful little girls. It will be great catching up on the years we haven't had a chance to visit.

You might want to keep Bob from Goshen in your prayers. He is our four-time cancer survivor who has been unable ride for several days.Because he is living with only about one fourth to one third of his pancreas his blood sugar had been hard to keep in adjustment, especially with the physical activity that riding demands. I know he is chomping at the bit to get back on his bike and get his health issues in the rear view mirror.

The Alabama River at this point makes the Mississippi look second rate.

This picture is just to the right of the one above.

The greenery is along side the road and hides what logging has done to a lot of the forests in the background - not very pretty.

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  1. Hi Jim,Wow. it seems like you just left...I've enjoyed reading your blog/devotionals daily and of course enjoyed all your pictures.. Thank you for keeping us all informed of your journey. And for spreading the word of Amanda Gives Back. Today would have been Amanda's sweet 16 Birthday..