Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Day 25 - Weatherford to Mesquite, TX

Today was a 75 mile day and much more manageable than yesterday. The weather was not quite as hot and the wind was more favorable plus we didn't have to concern ourselves with detours. We bid our 4 part-time riders adieu this morning so it was a smaller group since they joined us in Alamogordo. We were either riding Interstate 20 (when we didn't have frontage roads) frontage roads along 20 or the streets of Fort Worth, Arlington, Grand Prairie, Dallas or Mesquite all day. Fortunately, the traffic was manageable and drivers were very respectful of our presence.

I officially ran into my first dead armadillo today. I am sure that I will see many more before we leave Texas. We spent a fair amount of time in downtown Dallas today and visited the old book depository where Oswald shot President Kennedy. There is an "X" that marks the exact spot on the street where Kennedy was shot and the 6th floor of the former book depository is now a museum. The 6th floor is where Oswald was when he shot the president. We also rode past the Texas State Fairgrounds where the Cotton Bowl is located, which is somewhat small potatoes compared to the new Cowboys Stadium, which we passed riding through Arlington. It is much more impressive than it appears on TV.

Devotional Thought:

Nothing profound tonight except that I think it is definitely a minor miracle to get 30 riders through the streets of Forth Worth, Arlington, Grand Prairie, Dallas and Mesquite safely. Janet fell for the 5th time on this trip but she keeps bouncing back up. Fortunately, her fall was not in a place where she could have fallen in heavy traffic. Those little blessings (not Janet falling, but God's protection) keep happening almost day after day. It requires major concentration and confidence to maneuver through city traffic in a town you are unfamiliar with while trying to not miss route markings that Wheels puts on the road to keep us on the right route. God is faithful and we can daily thank Him for His faithfulness for so many things.

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