Thursday, April 14, 2011

Day 20 - Hobbs to Gale, TX

I'm working with limited battery power so I will be more brief than usual. Today was a 100 mile day because of very favorable tailwinds. We were supposed to stay in Lamesa for the evening but pushed on further to Gale, 30 miles further east. So we garaged our bikes in Gale and returned the 30 miles back to Lamesa to spend the night at the Methodist Church there. I averaged 24 mph for the 100, which is booking it for me. Unfortunately, the days biggest development was that one of our oldest riders on the trip, Sean, took a nasty fall on the highway east of Lamesa. No one is sure how it happened, but in God's good providence one of the first people to come across this desolate piece of highway where Sean fell was an off duty EMT who happened to have his gear with him! Sean was my weekend roommate last weekend. At this point we don't know hiscondition but there is the possibility that his ride coast to coast is over. It was not apparent that his condition is life threatening but when a 75 year old hits the pavement at 25-30 mph most of the outcomes are not positive. Please pray for Sean that his injuries are not serious or that surgery is not needed.
Our friend Sean
I will have pictures probably tomorrow, as long as I can get a power connection to recharge the computer. I continue to do very well during some of the longest days we have on the trip. Thanks for your prayers in my behalf. I can really sense that God is honoring your prayers. Talk to you tomorrow, Lord willing.

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  1. May God be w/Sean and bring a speedy recovery and keep all of you safe. All things for HIS Glory!