Sunday, April 17, 2011

Day 23 - Day off in Breckenridge. TX

Once again, it is nice to get a day off after a 480 mile week. Laundry, rest, Walmart and more rest. I also took more pictures of our riding team so I'll introduce the remaining team to you:
Dan is an environmental engineer from Anchorage, Alaska  and our youngest and strongest rider.
Betsy is a fellow Taylor U. grad from Ottawa, Ontario who is crossing for at least a second or third time
Mitzi (left) and Toni are very strong part-time riders from Atlanta whose last day is tomorrow.

Jojo is also a part-time rider from Chicago whose last day is tomorrow.
Janet is from Grand Junction, CO and has the dubious distinction of falling on her bike more than anyone else.
However, she is very resilient and determined.
Al (left) from Muncie is former VP of Finance at Taylor and is on his 2nd trip across. Dick, from Warsaw, is halfway toward completing his 21st crossing and is one of Wheels right hand men.
Bob is an engineer from Goshen, a multiple crossing veteran and an amazing 4 time cancer survivor.

Rodgers, from Penn is a retired geriatric physician and has crossed several times.
Gil is a former teacher and government worker from Anchorage Alaska whose claim to fame is that he cut Bristol Palin from the basketball team he coached.
Robyn is from Christchurch, New Zealand and is doing a great job crossing America for the first time.

Dean is a retired pharmacist from Jacksonville, IL making his 6th crossing.
The marquee on the sign of our motel in Breckenridge. It sometimes makes you wonder why we wander.

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