Friday, April 22, 2011

Days 27,28 Pictures - Mineola to Marshall to Minden, LA

US Highway 59 takes us to Atlanta, TX where I pastored a small EFC church for 4 years 1986-90.

The school gymnasium was home for us on Thursday night.

The lady (lower right) was freehand painting a mural of the school's mascot on one of the gym''s walls.

Ed and Sherry are one of the couples in the Atlanta church whose wedding I performed. We enjoyed dinner and catching up on the last 20 years over dinner in a delicious little Italian restaurant.

This is the kind of pavement marker that Wheels puts on the pavement to  keep us routed in the right direction.

This little country store and the pictures below are from Jonesville, TX. This store has been in business 160 years!
A 450 lb. bale of cotton like they used to bale it.

The man on the left is the 7th generation of the original owners of the store.

Knick Knacks from the store

East Texas topography is much different than West Texas

Finally done with Texas, which went better than I would have anticipated.

Dave and Jeri. Dave rode with me coast to coast in 1974. His shirt is the one we rode with in 74. 
This is Dave's bike, the same one he rode in 1974! It's about 35 lbs. worth of sturdy but old technology.

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