Saturday, April 2, 2011

Day 8 - Avondale to Apache Junction

Today was a 53.5 mile trip from west of Phoenix to just east of Phoenix.The first week of riding is officially in the books with 458 miles and one state covered!  The temp was a little more manageable today and whatever wind there was was blunted by being in town most of the day. As you can tell from the pictures, we rode through Phoenix today, which was very manageable since it was Saturday and the city had bike lanes on its main routes. Phoenix is definitely a "big league city" with many attractions and is very well laid out. I can see why this area is so attractive to retiree types from all over. The scenery once again has changed a bit from arid, desolate landscape to more attractive mountainscapes. We rode through Tempe and Scottsdale as well today. Tempe is home to the University of Arizona and we rode through a very quaint village setting that reminded me a lot of a place like St. Joe, MI or Broad Ripple, IN.

We're seeing more bike accidents. There were three people who fell today, all in the same group, all women. Though they were cut and bruised and I am sure sore, they will probably be on the road once again when we start out on Monday. Yes, we have Sunday off. I am attending Lee and Melissa's church tomorrow morning and then will be enjoying lunch with them. I am really looking forward to catching up with them.

We are in a motel the next two nights and I am rooming with 81 year young Bob tonight. Unfortunately Bob told us tonight that today is his last day on the trip. He is a solid rider (slow but steady) but felt the stress and strain of the trip more than he thought he would. So we will bid Bob adieu tomorrow. Without question, he has been an inspiration to me to even attempt such a ride when most people his age are working on just getting around and staying alive.

Finally, I want to acknowledge my daughter Kristen's 19th birthday today. When I called her she was a little under the weather but apparently not too bad to spend part of the day with her other two sisters. I love you, Kristen!

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  1. good morning
    sorry to hear the girls fell just keeping up is bad enough for all glad you keep us up to date on all.. god bless fred.