Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Day 25 Pictures - Weatherford to Mesquite, TX

I forgot to add Joy the other day. She is our 2nd Kiwi from Christchurch, New Zealand and is a part-time rider and semi-full time support

This is the trailer map collage that grows after each day's adventures.

We rode right by the new Cowboys Stadium in Arlington.

A historic looking building in downtown Dallas that is actually a museum.

I am told the tower is an upscale restaurant

This is the infamous old book depository where Oswald shot  President Kennedy

Dallas skyline

This is the view the president would have had of the book depository if they had looked behind them.

The X in the street marks the spot that Kennedy was shot.

From another angle

The square window on the far right below the top floor is where Oswald made his fateful shot

This is part of Dealey Plaza looking toward the old book depository

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  1. Good pictures, Jim. I've always wanted to see Dealey Plaza. One of the fun things about traveling, and especially visiting places that you've seen on TV or had read about, is how very different these places are from our own imaginations. They're either much larger, much smaller, or in some other way much more different than the image that we had in our own mind. And it is the closing of that divergence between imagination and reality that I find so fascinating.