Monday, April 18, 2011

Day 24 - Breckenridge to Weatherford

FIRE!! The threat of wildfires and smoke turned a 72 mile ride to Weatherford into a 93 mile day because police closed off our main and alternate routes. We spent the first 20 or so miles riding into stiff headwinds and then gained a measure of relief when our route turned into a more easterly direction. The ride was further complicated by temps that reached real close to 100 degrees throughout the day. Then my ego further complicated the day when we got so close to 100 miles that I had to add another 7 miles to reach my 5th century for the trip. So I am really tired!!

It was rather ironic that we should find a restaurant on our 2nd alternate route named the Smokestack that most of us ate lunch at. It was because of the threat of fire and smoke that we ended up at the Smokestack. I pretty much ran out of water about 6 miles before our arrival but God graciously put a Wendy's in our path. A large chocolate Frosty ( I admit, I'm addicted) and a water bottle refill never tasted so good!

I am turning in early tonight because I have a suspicion that we are not done with wildfire related detours. Tomorrow we are scheduled to ride through Dallas, which should be interesting. Then I am hoping to make contact with friends on Thursday and Friday of this week. One is a couple from the church I pastored in Atlanta, TX and the other is a fellow rider from the 1974 trip who somehow happened to see my blog. It will be great getting reacquainted with these old friends.

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  1. When you are in Weatherford, you will be very close to Lon & Dora! They were in Weatherford yesterday...