Saturday, April 16, 2011

Day 22 - Roby to Breckenridge, TX

Today was supposed to be a 90 mile day but it turned out to be a little over 87 miles. Not much difference except that I planned to make the ride another 100 mile day, so it added that many more miles to get the 100 in. As forecast,  the day started out chilly (43 degrees) with winds out of the northeast. But the winds were more manageable than anticipated and the extra distance was not a problem. So, this ended up being a big riding week for me as I completed 3 centuries, broke the 1000 mile mark for the trip and also officially reached the halfway point of the trip. So far my total mileage for the trip is 1347. Lord willing, the second half will be as safe, healthy and remarkable as the first half. At the same time we welcome a day off from riding tomorrow.

There has been nothing remarkable about the west Texas landscape other than strong winds, dust storms and long runs of flat lands. So, instead of taking pictures of landscape, I decide to try and capture a little of Americana that is displayed in some of the small towns we are passing through every day, like the memorabilia from past years of the old gas pump and oil cans in a little town called Anson. My brother and nephew are collectors of these artifacts and some of these items are of great value. Later on we arrived in Albany. I visited a an old jail that had been turned into a major art gallery in the southwest. Unfortunately, they would not allow photography but they had major works of art from Picasso and Modigliani, to name a couple.  Then I stopped by a street fair where there were probably 100 beautifully restored classic cars, from old roadsters to Shelby Mustangs.

Devotional Thought:

Last night I shared with you a quote about how God often does not deliver us from the storm but delivers us through the storm. Today was an excellent example with a day that promised some real difficulty. However, God in His graciousness and mercy diminished much of the negatives and gave me  unanticipated strength and patience to get through the day. Then He also sprinkled in some small town flavoring to enrich the day. God certainly was not obligated to do that...but He did! That's my God!!

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