Thursday, April 7, 2011

Day 13 - Lordsburg to Deming

Today was a first!! We went 62.6 miles with our first obvious tailwind. I topped out at 36 mph on flat land and had stretches where I was averaging almost 30 mph. I have not done that ever. No hills today either. My bike's gearing allows me a higher top end in addition to a lower low end and it came in real handy today. We covered the 62 miles in less than 3 hours total. Everyone did a great job today. It also helps when you throw in a Dairy Queen about 2/3 of the way through the day.

Since we arrived at our destination (a church) almost 2 hours early, we had to wait. We found a very nice little museum in town that was free and spent most of the balance of our wait there. They had a lot of variety from Indian stuff, to WW2 stuff, to old cars, fire trucks, buggies, etc.

You know, I have not yet used a couple terms to describe the weather we've been having. So far we have had no rain. That's great. Also, unlike Indiana, we have had no overcast weather. That's also great - don't miss it at all.

Devotional Thought:

Even though I made a little joke with the picture of the box of saddles and the scripture verse, it is not as far fetched or sacrilegious as you may think. Salvation from God comes in many forms. Certainly salvation from our sins and eternal right standing with God through His Son is the most important idea of salvation. But salvation also means "deliverance". Anytime we are delivered from or out of a difficult or dangerous situation, I believe God is saving us. So, if God uses a different bicycle seat to deliver me from the discomfort of sitting on a seat for so long, I say PTL for his salvation! Is there anything God has recently "saved" you from?


  1. How would you say this ride compares/contrasts with the first trip you made way back when?

  2. Thank you for keeping us updated on your journey. Love the Pictures.

  3. In honor of this day I'm going to Dairy Queen! :)

  4. Good luck with your bike trip...I'm looking forward to following your journey!