Saturday, April 23, 2011

Day 29 - Minden to Monroe, LA

Today was an 80 mile day. It was supposed to be a 75 mile day but Jim and I got turned around at the beginning of the day and found ourselves heading back to Shreveport before we got straightened out. It's much more inconvenient to correct a wrong turn when on a bike! We had a really nice day and the crosswind was somewhat inhibited by roads protected on both sides by trees that acted like a windbreak. Today we rode past Grambling University, an Afro American school known for it's strong football program and Hall of Fame coach Eddie Robinson. A little further east we rode past Louisiana Tech, which also has a football tradition and is where Hall of Fame quarterbackTerry Bradshaw played football.

Even though I know I've said this about almost every state we've ridden in so far, Louisiana has the roughest roads yet. I am really surprised that our bikes have held together as well as they have. There were some really bone jarring experiences with these roads. I'm glad we will be leaving the state on Monday. And for the first time we found ourselves being chased by dogs - even one "friendly" pit bull. (I could tell by the smile on his face :)

Some of the riders are battling respiratory issues, whether it's allergies, colds or sore throats. So far, I have remained healthy which is really a praise!

If you are following along with this blog and are in the South Bend area, I would love to have the opportunity to share my coast to coast trip with as many groups as possible, like Rotary or Kiwanis Clubs, churches or Sunday School classes, Seniors groups and more. It will give me a better platform to also promote the Amanda Gives Back Foundation. I would love to see thousands of dollars raised for AGB as a result of my coast to coast trip. I imagine that donations may increase after our trip is over. Please pray that at least donations from my trip will easily make possible the purchase of a jukebox for one of the local hospitals to help take kid's minds off of cancer.

I would also like to take a minute and acknowledge my middle daughter Rebecca's 21st birthday today. She is finishing up her junior year at Purdue in nursing and I am very proud of her! Happy Birthday, Becca!

Devotional Thought:

Tomorrow is resurrection Sunday when we celebrate our Lord's incredible sacrifice to make it possible to redeem us and reconcile God back to us. Please make every effort to be in church and celebrate with other Christ followers what He did for us. If Jesus had done nothing more than die for our sins, it would have been enough, but He did so much more than that. We are eternally indebted to His grace and mercy and great sacrifice to do for us what we could not do for ourselves. Thank you, Jesus!!!

Cleaning our bike's  drive train is non-negotiable, minimally once per week.

Everyone is required to service their own bike!

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